Despite being one of the most popular video downloaders, users often face several NoteBurner cannot download issues. To download videos from different streaming stations, you must use different NoteBurner apps such as NoteBurner Netflix downloader, NoteBurner Amazon Downloader, etc.

On the other hand, NoteBurner supports only three websites for video downloading: YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Users also faced some technical glitches and failed errors while using these downloaders. So, to avoid these hassles, you must try the most potent NoteBurner alternatives with their perks and pitfalls.

noteburner alternative

Top 5 NoteBurner Alternatives: Perks & Pitfalls

Even though the web world is overloaded with endless video downloaders, here you will get the most sorted top 5 NoteBurner alternatives with their best possibilities and limitations. All these Noteburner alternatives provide free trials for users. Enjoy for free first before you purchase!

If you get confused about what NoteBurner alternative to choose, check the overview compare sheet below. You can click to jump to the exact Noteburner alternative review content.
== StreamFab Audials Movie KeepStream StreamGaGa CleverGet
Download DRM videos YES NO YES YES YES
Resolution 8K 720P/1080P 4K 4K 8K
Supported sites 40+ OTT & 1000+ online sites 8 services 40+ OTT 40+ OTT 27 OTT & 1000+ online sites

Alternative 1: StreamFab Video Downloader

With StreamFab Video Downloader, you can save your favorite titles from 40+ OTT platforms: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Max, etc. Unlike Noteburner, StreamFab supports more sites with more powerful functions, but asks for a lower price. 

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noteburner alternative: streamfab

You can enjoy DRM-free and encryption-free downloads from 40+ OTTs and 1000+ online websites and can transfer them to any device in MP4/MKV format. Download several videos in one go with a batch processing option to save time.

==Ads-free downloads from free streaming plan
==Auto-saving of coming up episodes with subtitles
==Resolution support up to 8K with EAC3 5.1 audio track
==Save audio or video in MP3/MP4/MKV format
==No iOS version yet
Once you launch this NoteBurner alternative, StreamFab, on your system, you should go to the website from where you would like to save titles for offline watching.

noteburner alternative: streamfab==

After locating your desired video, find the service and the video you want to download.

noteburner alternative: streamfab==

When you hit the enter option, the tool will automatically detect the pasted video and show it to you using the built-in browsing function.

noteburner alternative: streamfab==

Next, you must customize the output video with quality, audio track, format, etc selection process. Then, go for the “Download” option to finish your selected video downloading process.

Alternative 2: Audials Movie

As a NoteBurner alternative, Audials is a very power-packed all-in-one screen recorder that lets you record any digital media played on your device screen. It lets you record live-streaming movies, series, music, podcasts, playlists, etc., without commercial disturbance in its original quality. While saving subtitles in your comfortable language, explore the advanced video editor option to remove any part or create a new video.

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noteburner alternative

==It lets you record videos from renowned OTT platforms for permanent offline watching without ads.
==Customize recording with your desired resolution, framerate, format, audio track, etc
==Record multiple videos seamlessly automatically with batch processing
==Record videos in MP4 format
==No Mac version
==Comparatively expensive product with a time-consuming recording process

Alternative 3: KeepStreams

KeepStream is an all-rounder Note Burner free alternative to enjoy offline streaming of your beloved OTT, social media content, or any music station. You save your entire playlist or library of any streaming station permanently without encryption. It removes any types of advanced content protection to make your downloading experience limitation & restriction-free. You can also enjoy built-in browsing with batch processing.

noteburner alternative

==Downloads on Windows/ Mac from over 1000 websites
==Enjoy visuals in HD up to 4K resolution support
==Select sound quality from 96kbps to 320kbps
==Transfer download to any device with Mp3 & Mp4 format
==A dedicated app for mobile platforms is not available
==Paid plan offers all the exclusive feature

Alternative 4: StreamGaga

StreamGaGa is a convenient and comprehensive NoteBurner alternative with several flexible features. No matter whether it's a naughty video from any porn site or trendy series from a leading OTT service, with this downloader, you can save videos from over 1500 services, including social media and any other video hosting platform. Save hours-long videos in 10 to 20 minutes with GPU acceleration.

noteburner alternative

==Save videos in HD with 1080p to 4K resolution support
==Enjoy ads-free offline on any device
==Save video in all device-compatible formats, Mp4 / MKV
==Save unencrypted contents in batches with your desired subtitles
==Save only three videos in a free trial
==StreamGaGa offers a very limited-time free trial option

Alternative 5: CleverGet

In the NoteBurner alternative list, CleverGet is an all-in-one program to save your entire digital media world from 1000+ websites on your Windows or Mac devices. Apart from downloading, you can also record live streaming or other videos for your permanent offline watch. Save the metadata of any video as per your requirement.

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noteburner alternative

==Enjoy lossless downloading with up to 8K resolution support & 320kbps audio quality
==Save time by downloading several series, episodes, or movies in batches
==Select audio or video format from Mp4, MKV, WEMB for video & Mp3 & M4A for audio
==You can save entire playlists or channels without annoying ads
==Available only on Windows & Mac, the mobile version is not available
==The auto-saving option is not available


If you get tired of dealing with several errors, issues, and limitations of the NoteBurner downloader not working, the NoteBurner alternatives are the best options to try with. Choose the most effective tool depending on your offline streaming preferences. Enjoy your entire online library in your internet-free offline watch on any device or platform.