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DVDFab Software Updategeschichte


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Version 1.99 Updated!

    Fixed: Disc1 doesn't work problem introduced in version 1.98.

Version 1.98 Updated!

  • Fixed: VSO burning engine updated. It burns the second disc now.
  • Fixed: "Finding Nemo" can be splited correctly now. Note: you need choose the second long title to split.
  • Fixed: Nero Burning ROM can be used to burn DVDs again.
  • New: Evaluation period changes to 30 days.

Version 1.95 Updated!

  • Fixed: Old burning engine is back. Now you can choose the one which works for you.
  • Fixed: "Failed when building DVD image" message.

Version 1.92 Updated!

  • Fixed: Error if there is no DVD media before writing DVD.

Version 1.91 Updated!

  • Fixed: Several problems caused by old DVD burning engine.

Version 1.90 Updated!

  • New: Brand new DVD burning engine.

Version 1.85 Updated!

  • New: "Copy disc fully" function copies DVD to hard disk completely, and removes all the protections.
  • Improved: "Analyzing DVD information" will use .BUP file when .IFO file can't be read.
  • Improved: The text color is changed for easy readability.
  • Improved: "Auto retry for reading and writing errors" is disabled by default.
  • Improved: new designed tutorial.

Version 1.80 Updated!

  • New: Improved internal burning engine.
  • Fixed: Add the message box when there is already content on DVDR.

Version 1.75 Updated!

  • New: Improved internal burning engine.
  • Fixed: Remove the message box when an empty disc is already in DVD writer drive.

Version 1.70 Updated!

  • New: Improved internal burning engine. It should be quite stable now.

Version 1.65 Updated!

  • New: split engine now supports more movie discs such as 'Privates Of The Caribbean', 'Finding Nemo', 'Hulk', etc.

Version 1.60 Updated!

  • New: Improved internal burning engine

Version 1.58 Updated!

  • New: Several UI redesign
  • New: Log option (if there is a problem when using DVDFab, please contact with us)

Version 1.56 Updated!

  • New: Improved internal burning engine
  • New: "Restart" button
  • New: Volume name can be set now
  • New: "Back" button on finish page is enabled now, so that you can make more than one copies

Version 1.52 Updated!

  • New: Nero Burning ROM or CopyToDVD can be used instead of internal burning engine
  • Fixed: Wrong volume name of disc2
  • Fixed: Volume name is longer than 32 bytes

Version 1.51 Updated!

  • Fixed: Potential CSS decryption problem

Version 1.50 Updated!

  • New: DVD burning engine added
  • New: Burn DVD folder or image directly
  • New: "Black Screen" CGP added
  • Fixed: several small bugs

Version 1.02 Updated!

  • Improved: IFO files of Disc2 when copying movie disc fully
  • Fixed: correction of DVD sectors
  • New: French and Dutch translation

Version 1.01 Updated!

  • Fixed: Interface MultiLanguage processing fixed.

Version 1.00 Final Updated!

  • Fixed: Potentional problem on DVD analyzing fixed

Version 1.00 RC2 Updated!

  • Improved: Read speed from DVD drive increased
  • Fixed: DVDFab CGP fixed
  • Fixed: Bug in CreateCGP fixed
  • Fixed: Potential crash of split disc processing fixed

Version 1.00 RC1 Updated!

  • New: Full wizard to guide you to backup DVDs
  • New: DVD backup related tools
  • Improved: Several bugs of 1.00 Beta1 removed

Version 1.00 Beta1 Updated!

  • New: Integrated ripper
  • New: Remove all the restriction of DVD (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, Uops, etc.)
  • Improved: Copy full movie DVDs. Using titles instead of PGCs, so much more DVDs are copyable.
  • New: Copying of season disc
  • New: Copying of DVD5
  • New: Automatic detection of DVD type (Movie, Season, DVD5)
  • New: User friendly UI
  • Improved: Many bugs of 0.17 removed